Roulette is here and cr itics and fans agree! Roulette is , “A breath of fresh air to this music scene', (Tim Louie- A fiery five piece that “..has shred some turf and displayed great chops and licks giving us a little taste of some metal that we rarely see anymore”. ( Phil Shepherd - Spin the wheel, pick a song, and within moments realize why they have been said to be “on the fast track to become metal icons” and called a band that has “raised the bar” (K. Black - Outlaw Reviews).


Roulette’s music is packed with elements of rock, metal, and punk, that when combined  "creates a sense of urgency that gets your heart racing!" (Laura Curry Fans have enjoyed watching Roulette’s “.. development into a powerful force on the local music scene..” (Tom Hanley - WRAT 95.9FM) and now Roulette has taken their brand of metal into the national arena.


Roulette is lead by the mesmerizing vocals and conversational punk stylings of Jess Bariletti.  Bariletti is accompanied by guitarists, Mike Haider (Lead) and Greg Scarpino (Rhythm) who work brilliantly with the room -shaking bass of Anthony Panduri and punishing drum work of Joseph Scarpino.


  • Jessica Bariletti - Vocals


  • Mike Haider - Lead Guitar/Vocals


  • Gregory Scarpino - Rhythm Guitar / Bass


  • Anthony Panduri - Bass / Rhythm Guitar


  • Joseph Scarpino - Drums

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Original Hard Rock / Metal